I tried out the GoogleVis package for R today as a nice distraction. It was indeed a satisfying distraction.

It’s probably old news for many but it was the first time I had played with it.

I really only explored the motion chart. The others didn’t seem quite as appealing.

My only complaint was that it did not support timestamp based time series. I believe that is a limitation of the Google implementation though.

Would be curious to further explore implementing this via R-Apache but I didn’t get this far.

Below you can see the examples I created. The first is the most fun, moving scatter plot with configurable axis, colors, and sizes.

The second is a moving bar chart that has some configurables and lastly is a line chart.

The R code to create this is very simple:

g = gvisMotionChart(dbqldata,idvar="WorkLoadName",timevar="TheDate",options=list(width=700, height=600))

More info at these links: